Wies'n Loft Information

The perfect place for your Oktoberfest experience!

Cosy double bedrooms in mobile units are waiting for you.
The way to the Oktoberfest only lasts about 20 minutes by train.

Each Loft is 3 meters long and 2,24 meters wide. A lockable door ensures safety, a tiltable window in the back and a ventilation grille provide fresh air.

Equipment of the Lofts:
- 2 plug sockets
- light
- mirror
- mini-refrigerator
- 2 clothes hooks
- electric heating or ratiant heater
- table / shelf
- 1 deck chair

Of course the two beds do have linen and fresh duvet covers.

The facilities of the Wiesn Camp (showers, toilets, security) are inclusie. In our cosy alm hut, guests can buy tasty food and drinks. Before and after the Oktoberfest, there is always a good atmosphere in the hut.

There are enough parking lots available on the fenced ground (parking fee: 7€ per night per car)

Important advice:
especially on weekends the Oktoberfest-area is packed with people, the tents and beergardens might be closed by security guards. You will be unable to catch a glimpse inside "the heaven of Bavaria" (as one of the most famous Oktoberfest-tents is called). Therefore visitors without strong timetable should go to Munich on normal working days (mo - fr), or stay until monday, because sunday evening is the easiest evening to get seats inside the tents.

Het Wies'n Camp

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Fun Gast

Cómo encontrar el Camp Oktoberfest:

En coche: tomar la autopista a círculo alrededor de Múnich (A 99) hasta el cruce "Munich-Ost" dirección "Munich", tome la salida "Daglfing", siga las indicaciones a "estadio ecuestre olímpico" o "Wiesn Camp" (para la navegación : cinta en "camino Landshamer en Schichtlstraße")

En tren: llegar estación principal de Múnich, tomar el S-Bahn No.2, dirección "Erding" o "Markt Schwaben", tome la salida "Riem", siga las indicaciones a "estadio ecuestre olímpico" o "Wiesn Camp" (5 minutos a pie )

En avión: el aeropuerto de Munich llegar, tome el S-Bahn No.8 dirección "Munich", tome la salida "Daglfing", tomar el autobús No.189 dirección "Messestadt West" hasta "trote" y siga las indicaciones a "estadio ecuestre olímpico" o "Wiesn Camp" (5 minutos andando)

Wij vragen u om de omgeving schoon te houden zo ook de andere gasten een aangenaam verblijf.

Wij accepteren alleen reserveren indien schriftelijk tussen de input en de reservering datum zijn ten minste 5 dagen !!! (De zeitl. Afstand is Shorter, gewoon bellen als er iets is gratis en komen rechtstreeks naar Wiescamp !!)